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Appeal to Human Rights Watch

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Repost videos and tag the following people:

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Write your appeal to the following email addresses:

- Agnes Callamard,

email address:

- Philippe Dam, advocacy director of European branch of Human Rights Watch,

email address:


We, the people of Belarus, ask for your assistance in dismantling a decades-long regime of corruption and violence.

Alexander Lukashenko, known as “Europe’s last dictator,” has been ruling our country for 26 years. In fact, he has altered, rewritten, and even destroyed parts of the constitution to perpetuate this “presidency.” August 9th, 2020 marked our country’s general election. Millions of Belarussians came out to vote with the hope of ending the dictatorship. However, the state attempts to impede voters were perverse. Preliminary numbers showed nearly 80% of Belarussians favored Svetlana Tihanovskaya. Yet the Lukashenko committee displayed numbers with the incumbent receiving 80% of the votes while his opponent only garnered 8%. The elections were not held in accordance with the law. Many people were denied their right to vote, due to the shortage of ballots, there was evidence of falsification and other flagrant violations of the law. In response to this blatant denial of democracy, millions of people across the country went to a peaceful demonstration to demand transparency and justice. What was born from peace was met with violence, contempt, and disregard as Lukashenko mobilized the police and military force to scatter protestors. Officers peppered protestors with gas and flash grenades before barraging them with rubber bullets. Police beat and arrested more than 3,000 citizens. In order to hide his actions from the world, Lukashenko turned off the internet while also denying any foreign reporters from entering the country. Now 81 persons are missed. We don't know any information about them. They are silently killing us and we are begging for help. It is no longer time for idle chat, it is time to proffer punishment, today the government continues the beating, killing, and arrests and will continue unless we receive the dutiful intervention. We ask for your help to provide that intervention. The media and international organizations stay silent, we ask you to step in and let the World hear our voices. We have long been choking from the iron grip of totalitarianism. Today we demand breath. Please help us during our most dire hour so that Belarussians can too have a transparent, and honest government, created for the people and by the people.


{Your name}

The initiative was suggested by Natallia Popchanka


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