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#MyFreedomVision. Record a video about what freedom means to you

A group of caring Belarusians in the United States decided to launch the #MyFreedomVision initiative in order to draw the attention of the world community to the events in Belarus.

Since we cannot personally be present on the streets of Belarus and support supporters of peaceful changes, let's arrange a “procession” on social networks. We hope you connect and this initiative spreads like a virus.


• To draw the attention of the world community to what is happening in Belarus

• Provide emotional support to Belarusians


• Each participant records and posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram a short video where he answers the question of what “freedom” means for him / her personally and why it is important to you.

Send video to at least 3 friends asking them to participate in the #MyFreedomVision campaign so they can catch up on the torch.

• Add the hashtag #MyFreedomVision in the comments to the video, which will make it easier to find the description of this social campaign; as well as #MyFreedomBelarus to show our fellow countrymen how many of us are.

Send a video with a short description of the campaign to a celebrity asking them to participate and support Belarus - they will notice and tell about it in Belarus.

The English-language campaign format and the focus on the general concept of "freedom" will help us to resonate with the events that are now taking place in the United States and around the world.

Use English to be heard abroad.

Sample video here:


My Freedom Vision is registered on Facebook. Also the same accounts on Twitter and Instagram. There is also a website At these addresses you can read the rules of this initiative and learn about the situation in Belarus. We will track significant statements in support of Belarus on the My Freedom Belarus account. We ask you to Like and Follow these accounts in order to inspire confidence in the eyes of a foreign audience.

Together we are strong! Remember the story of the cancellation of concerts in Belarus on August 8?

Info taken from My Freedom Vision.


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