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Support the Belarusians in the Strike

The Belarusian diasporas in the USA raise funds for the Belarusian workers in the strike

Belarusians of New York raise funds for the workers of SC "Belaruskali"

What is happening in Belarus?

Alexander Lukashenko’s regime in Belarus is one of the most violent and brutal in the world. Free elections have not taken place in 26 years. However, Lukashenko's dictatorship is wavering following rigged elections on August 9, 2020. Belarusians have been peacefully protesting for over four months, despite a violent crackdown by state security forces. So far, circa 30,000 peaceful protesters have been arbitrarily detained and sent to jails, where many of them have experienced torture. Several people have been killed. Tens of thousands had to flee the country.

Belarusians of Boston raise funds for the workers of GrodnoAzot

A nationwide strike of state factory workers can help reach a tipping point in the struggle against dictatorship. Striking workers have been threatened and denied their salaries while on strike. Supporting these brave workers is of paramount importance. The Belarusian diaspora in America wants to provide targeted assistance to the striking workers of Belaruskali, Naftan, Belaz, and GrodnoAzot. Today over 1000 workers of Belaruskali went on strike. They and their families have experienced unprecedented pressure.

Belarusian community in Seattle area raise funds and support the workers of Naftan

The objective of these fundraisers, held in collaboration with the BYSOL foundation is to provide financial assistance to the workers of Belaruskali who have lost their jobs or been otherwise persecuted as a result of their support for the pro-democracy protests against the Lukashenko regime. Recipients will be carefully vetted by Belarusians of New York, Seattle, Portland, and Boston together with Human Rights Foundation, BYSOL, and BYHELP.

Belarusians in Portland (Oregon) raise funds and support the workers of Belaz
All donations for US residents are tax-deductible

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