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World Singing With Belarus

We - musicians, poets, artists, actors, creative workers around the world, as well as Belarusian diasporas in different countries - are deeply concerned about the situation in Belarus after the Presidential elections on the 9th of August, results of which are not recognized by the EU, UK, Canada, USA and many other countries. We stand against the violence and repressions against the peaceful protesters and violation of the basic human rights that followed. We want to express our solidarity with the people of Belarus at this difficult time.

We invite all caring friends, colleagues and professional musicians and singers to join us.

Together with Belarusian team Spiavaem Hodna (Sing with Dignity), Belarus Free Theatre and famous Belarusian musicians - we’re working on a collective music video as a sign of solidarity.

📆 Deadlines:

Recordings are expected until the end of November

for diasporas - until the 16th of November.

To confirm your participation (name/band, country): fill out the form

For questions and feedback:

Thank you and Zhyve Belarus!

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